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School Radio invites Schools, Colleges, all educational institutions, students and teachers to participate in School Radio Programs. 

Start School Radio Clubs

 ‘Do you have a creative innovative school with students that are eager to learn new and exciting ways of communicating? Do your students want to create talk shows, radio drama, discussion sessions and talk about social issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format?’ If you immediately affirmed with a ‘yes’ in answer to this question, then School Radio is the right platform to see this positive change.  

Swachha Vidyalaya

School Radio Programme in KDPM High School, China Waltair, focussing on Swachha Vidyalaya Concept.


Students are offered a 3 days, hands-on training conducted by ‘School Radio’.  Then School Radio Clubs are formed.

School Radio Clubs

School Radio Club members record their voices and send audio files to ‘School Radio’. The raw data is edited by the in-house team of editors, and webcasted.

Yearlong Program

Schools get 30 Minute Program Slot per Month in ‘School Radio’ for 8 months (Total 4 Hours) in  regular time slots.


Youtube Channel

School Radio is on youtube. Browse channel to get feedback by participants. You can also watch talkshows by experts on different topics. Subscribe and get training and workshop videos.  .