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Heal School Radio Club

HEAL School Radio Club

Heal School Radio Club members participated with a great enthusiasm in developing radio programmes. During the School Radio Workshop, we asked all the Heal School Radio Club members to write a story. In just one hour time, most of them have come up with beautiful stories.  

 HEAL School Radio Club Programs

School Radio Club

Challenged Lions
School Radio Club

Waste Management
School Radio Club

Lalita Ramakrishna
School Radio Club

You Talk ... The World Listens

"Radio is a medium for the future. It has a duty to include young people, not just as listeners but as active producers and creators of content."

...... UNESCO 

It's time to act!

The students, teachers and all other youth can now talk on Online School Radio. They can become independent producers, Programme Executives, Presenters- Radio Presenters/ Radio Jackey, Content developers and audio editors for alternative media.  

We invite individual students, Schools, Colleges, all other educational institutions and NGOs to participate actively.

School Radio Workshop

School Radio Workshops

School Radio is organizaing Workshops for students of all ages across India. 

  • Video Production
  • Radio Production
  • Story Telling