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School Radio Advisers

We would not be there without them

Jayasri Devineni


Jayasree is associated with 'Health and Education for All'.  

Chandrabala Vasireddy

CB Vasireddy

Former employee of IBM and worked in United Kingdom for more than a decade. She is volunteering with several NGOs across India.


Tumati Vasudeva Rao

Vasudeva Rao Thumati is the founder of Silicon Coast Foundation, which runs incubation center 'Startup Moksha' to help budding entrepreneurs. He is the co-founder of Kinige Digital Technologies Pvt Ltd.

School Radio Supporters

Suresh Ediga

Suresh started a 501c3 organization called i4Farmers ( to create a platform where individuals can contribute to help the cause of the farmers. He has been raising funds to help the victims of the farmer suicides.
He conducted awareness campaigns on RTI. He has been a long time supporter of the campaign to help the Bhopal Gas Victims. 
He analyses the government data, creates reports and writes for (a fact based website) and also on his blog in order to create awareness and help bring awareness. He recently published a book called “You, Me and a Story“ – an impromptu story telling book meant for both parents and kids.

Suresh Ediga
IT Professional, Blogger, Philonthropist 

Yagnawalka is the Promoter of GuttiTech Solutions. GuttiTech Solutions is uniquely focused on helping companies find new ways to enhance the value of their customer relationships and deliver consistent customer experiences across all channels and geographies.

Gutti Tech Solutions
Aruna Posani

Aruna is the Managing Trustee of Chalam Foundation. 

Aruna Posani

School Radio Volunteers

None of us is as good, smart, or impactful as all of us.


Chaitanya is a nature lover, theatre artist and a singer. He is a Trekker, Cricketer, Music lover and social worker. 
He is the Life member of Youth Hostels Association of India and Visakha Music Academy.

Eshwar Chandra, MBA ( Marketing) from DEI University, Agra. Being a member of Dayal Nagar Residential Welfare Association, he is trying to evolve as a better human being by serving the residents. His favorite pastime includes singing, compering, quizzing, crosswords, jumbles and cricket.