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School Radio at ‘Campus Challenge’ 

1-day School Radio Workshop was organized at ‘Campus Challenge’ on 6th January 2020. The students have decided to develop scripts on the following topics.


Topic: Freedom Fighters

Team Members: Kalpana, Mounika, Vandana, Ashok, Chitti Babu, Balaji, Shivaji 


Topic: Water Pollution

Team Members: G.Bharathi, A.Jayendra, P.Manisha Kumari, K.Hasini, R.Ganesh, A.Durga Prasad, G.Simhadri


Topic: Farmers 

Team Members: Hyma, Tulasi, Meena, Rama Rao, Jagadeesh, Joseph, Srinivas


Topic: Plastics

Team Members: N.Appala Reddy, Ch. Gnaneswar Rao, G.Shanmukh Naidu, P.Tulasi, P.Sunitha, G.Ganga


Topic: Swacha Bharat

Team Members: I.Vinod Kumar, P.Mohan, B.Govind, Kavya, A.Drakshayani


Teaching Faculty

Teaching Faculty coordinating the School Radio Program: M.Gayatri, V.Ravi Kumar, A.Neelaveni, P.Srinivasa Rao 

School Radio orientation meeting 

@ Campus Challenge

on 9th December 2019

Campus Challenge - Regional care centre for children and youth with disabilities 

Campus Challenge is the first regional community for differently abled children and youth in coastal Andhra Pradesh. It is a home for 120 children with visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically challenged and intellectually challenged disabilities.

These children are fully taken care of at the campus by providing accommodation, nutritious food, clothing, education and a chance to lead normal independent life. Special education like Braille, Indian Sign Language and ADL (activities of daily living) are also provided for the differently abled children and youth. Education is provided in English Medium School at the campus.

The campus is built in 5 acres of land with the support of ‘Friends Indeed’, an NGO from Netherlands. Association Saikorian, an association of the alumni of Sainik School, Korukonda runs this centre.