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We Facilitate and offer: 
Radio Production 
Benefits to students: 
• Students participate without fear 
• Enhance their Communication skills, Inter-Personal and Public Speaking skills
• Learn by doing 
• Develop Team building, cooperation and coordination 
• Learn problem solving , negotiation skills and find solutions 
• Children and youth learn interview skills
• Radio Jackey, Content developers and Audio Editors
• Become independent Radio Producers, Editors, Executives of 

Radio Programmes 
• Learn about leadership qualities and emerge as leaders
• Learn democratic process of elections 
• Story Tellers
• Increased opportunities for children and youth

Video Production  
• Visualization 
• Learn
• Understand processes
• Human mediated videos make them understand better 
• Increase their ability to understand and apply 
• Learn to view different perspectives and respect

Story Telling
• Want to tell stories? 
• Want to write your stories?
• Learn writing stories on your own
• We publish them - audio and text

Come and participate our Story Telling workshops. You are able to create your own stories with in no time. 
You will write stories of different genres. 
We publish all your best to reach many people 

Training & Capacity Building
• Environment Education & Action Projects
• Communications
• Content Development 
• Capacity Building
• Trainings
• Workshops 
• Team Building Sessions
• Interviewing
• Group Discussions

We facilitate knowledge building, create awareness, attitudes and behaviour change to take action 
• Participatory Methods 
• Teaching through Activities 
• Behaviour Change
• Skills Development

Teacher Training
• Lesson Planning 
• Radio Lessons
• Video Lessons
Environment Education
• Awareness Building
• Workshops
• Formation of Eco-Clubs
• Action Projects
• How to do Environmental Audits
• Calculating Carbon Footprint
• Greening Schools
• Climate Change
• Climate Change Mitigation 
• Sustainable Consumption 
• Waste Management