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What is 'School Radio'?

Do you have a creative innovative school with students eager to learn new and exciting ways of communicating? Do your students want to create talk shows, radio drama, discussion sessions and talk about social issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format? If you affirmed with a ‘yes’ in answer to this question, then School Radio is the right platform to see this positive change.  School Radio conducts workshops in schools and colleges. It facilitates training and skill development of students in content development, communication and technology use. Regular time slot will be allocated to each school to webcast the programs developed by students. Schools need not worry about complex technologies. We take care of everything.


My Journey with School Radio
taught me so much
that no book can teach!

Maahi Satsangi

4th Standard

Why School Radio? 

As per the census and National Youth Policy Document of Government of India (GoI), children and youth in the age group of 5 to 19 constitute 34 crore of the total population. This major group is continuously being neglected in the process of exploring their creativity, imagination, 21st century skills and entrepreneurial skills in creating their own content and not being exposed towards finding solutions. We are neglecting the voices of children and youth.  They aren’t given a suitable platform to express their views, share their ideas and be part of the solution. They always remained as passive listeners rather than active participants in the decision making process. School Radio is promoting a platform for children and youth to create, enhance and share their voices with the world. School Radio brings out the talent of children and youth. It promotes communication, public speaking skills, and team building among them. The process enhances their abilities, presentation skills, and confidence. At present, these programmes are in Telugu, Hindi and English, and would like to include all the regional languages in future. 
School Radio created a platform for children and youth to create their own content in any medium, language, and exposed them to find solutions to the issues.  

What you learn?

Content development :: Communication Skills :: Technical Skills

Communication skills

Content development 

Identification of topic
Research and analysis
Script Writing
Script editing 

Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Story Telling
Public Speaking
Presentation skills
Voice Modulation 

Audio editing

Technical Skills 

Editing (Year 2)
Mixing (Year 2)
Webcasting (Year 3)


Enhance communication skills and public Speaking skills
Hone their inherent Creativity and Innovation
Shed fear and inhibitions and build confidence
Learn Problem Solving Skills, Build their Negotiation, Leadership and Decision Making skills by active participation
Find Solutions
Analytical skills, critical thinking, computation thinking etc
Learn Root Cause Analysis
Become team player
Develop Team building, Cooperation and Coordination
Increased opportunities for children and youth
Learn to express their views
Enriching Confidence & Self-Reliance
Develop Creativity & Resourcefulness
Identify Issues and find solutions at different levels
Become Independent Content Developers, Text Editors, Sound Editors, Producers, Program Executives, News Presenters, Radio Jackeys/Anchors, and Audio Editors
Learn about Green Jobs
Learn Writing for Social Media
Get opportunity to Create advts/jingles to earn while you learn
Get a chance to interview eminent persons from different fields
Design programmes
Become a changemaker
Internship, Freelancer and Part time employment opportunities with School Radio
Empathy, Self wellbeing 

  • Yearlong activity - After workshop, School Radio clubs will independently develop radio programmes. Radio Club members can participate in School Radio programmes, all over the year by reciting poems, songs, narrating folk tales, stories, talks and debates. School Radio Club members facilitate and encourage other students to participate in the School Radio Club activities. 
  • Creativity - School Radio provides an opportunity for children and youth to showcase their awareness, skills, knowledge and creativity to the world. 
  • Team Building -   Students learn to work as a team in developing, learning, creating and sharing programmes. Through School Radio, students build their capacities in coordination and cooperation through successful broadcasting of the programmes. 

School Radio @ Your School

Schools, Colleges and Universities can now start 'School Radio'.


Online Workshops:
Content Development
Voice Modulation
Voice Recording
FOSS - Software provided


Technology Support:
Radio Programs developed by schools will be recorded, edited and mixed by School Radio.
So, schools need not worry about complex technical issues. 

School Radio Summer Workshop


Webcasting Packages: 
Schools may opt a suitable package to webcast the radio programmes.


Radio Programmes developed by schools will be broadcasted on School Radio at regular,  predetermined time slots.

Educational Institutions

  • Rs.149,900
  • 40 Students, 2 teachers
  • 4 Day (Total 16 Hours)  Radio Production Workshop
  • Online Recording
  • 15 Minute Episodes: 24 (Broadcasted in 6 Months)
  • Certificates to all the participants

Educational Institutions

  • Rs.1,79,900
  • 40 Students, 4 teachers
  • 4 Day (Total 16 Hours) Radio Production Workshop
  • Online Recording
  • 15 Minute Episodes: 24 (Broadcasted in 6 Months)
  • Monthly One 'Special Day' Workshop for students and teachers
  • Certificates to all the participants

Teachers' Workshop

  • Rs.18,000
  • Up to 20 teachers
  • 1 Day (Total 3 Hours) Online School Radio Workshop

Premium Subscription Individuals

  • Rs.5200
  • 1 Person
  • 5200 INR/ year.
  • Get individual mentoring support.
  • Get a chance to anchor the program and interviewing experts.
  • Up to120 minutes radio time slot.

How to pay?

All payments are to be made online in favour of DIGITAL SCHOOL.
Current Account Number: 6158436158,
IFSC CODE : IDIB000S118, MICR CODE:530019003

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