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SCHOOL RADIO :: Online Radio for children and youth

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School Radio invites schools, colleges, and all educational institutions to participate in School Radio Programs. 

చెప్పాల‌ని వుంది ... 

మీరు ఏ రంగంలో ఉన్నా...
మీ మ‌న‌స్సులోని మాట‌ను అంద‌రితో పంచుకొనే
అవ‌కాశం క‌ల్పిస్తోంది స్కూల్ రేడియో.
మీ జీవితంలోని- మీ రంగంలోని ఆస‌క్తిక‌ర విష‌యాల‌ను
చిన్నారులు, యువ‌త‌కు
స్ఫూర్తిదాయ‌కంగా ఉండేలా తెలియ‌జేయాల‌నుకొంటున్నారా?
మీకిదే మా ఆహ్వానం...
మీకు అనువైన స‌మ‌యంలో, ఆన్‌లైన్‌ ఇంట‌ర్వ్యూ ద్వారా
వాయిస్ రికార్డింగ్ చేస్తాం.
ఆస‌క్తి వున్న వారు  ఇక్క‌డ ఇచ్చిన ఫారం నింపి పంపండి.

(To participate in School Radio programs,
please submit the form with your details.)

School Radio News

Laurel High Global School Radio

Laurel High Global School Radio

A 3 day School Radio workshop was held at Laurel High Global School, Rajamahendravaram.

SchoolRadio Books

School Radio Book Store

School Radio is bringing out a series of books for the benefit of children participating in radio programs.

Campus Challenge

Campus Challenge

School Radio Programmes started at Campus Challenge with the support of AP Non-Resident Telugu Society.

School Radio at Yendada

School Radio for VH Girls

Now Government Residential School for Visually Handicapped Girls, is part of School Radio. This school was established in October 1987 by the Department for the Welfare of Handicapped, Andhra Pradesh. This is the only school for V.H Girl students rendering the special educational services in Andhra Pradesh. A 3 - day workshop was conducted at the school from 5th to 7th November 2019. Divis Laboratories is supporting this program.

Paryavarana Deepika

Book on Environment Released

Paryavarana Deepika, a book on environmental issues, published by 'School Radio' was released at Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Institute, Bapatla during Nai Taleem National Workshop. Sri Adimulam Suresh, Minister of Education, Government of AP; Sri B.Raj Sekhar, Principle Secretary, School Education; Sri Vadrevu China Veerabhadrudu, Director, Samagra Shisksha Abhiyan; Sri Chakrapani, Director, AP HRDI; Sri C.A.Prasad, Nai Talim National Convener and Smt.Aruna Gali, Founder, School Radio have participated in the event.

Sanskrit School Radio Programs

School Radio Programs in Sanskrit

A three day School Radio workshop was held at SMS Sanskrit High School, Kovvuru, West Godavari district from 12 to 14 August 2019. Participatory Methods were used in the workshop. Games, audio visuals, activities, team building exercises and Small Group Discussions were used. School Radio workshop focused on hands on learning processes.  Now students are presenting their Radio Programs in Sanskrit language.  A multi media book will be brought out with the creative writings of the students.

School Radio Workshops

School Radio Summer Camp

School Radio
3 Day Workshop

Recording School Radio Program


Joy of learning at School radio

School Radio
Summer Workshop

School Radio HPCL

School Radio -
HPCL Workshop

SchoolRadio Interns

Internship Programmes

Students from Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed to be University), Agra, UP are with School Radio as Interns.

School Radio Swachha Abhiyan

Swachhata Pakhwada

In association with HPCL, School Radio conducted Swachhta Pakhwada in ten schools across Visakhapatnam.


School Radio is operating in 17 districts spread across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttara Pradesh and Maharashtra. 270 teachers and 3880 students have participated in School Radio Workshops. (As on 1 March 2020)












Books published


SCHOOL RADIO :: Online Radio for children and youth

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