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School Radio Clubs

The Joy of Learning

School Radio is promoting School Radio Clubs. Each School Radio Club consists of 10 students and one teacher. Schools can have any number of Clubs.These clubs facilitate the production of radio programmes by capturing the young voices.

School Radio @ Oxford Grammar School

On 23rd January 2018, Prof.Vinod Pavarala, UNESCO, Chair on Community Media, Hyderabad Central University inaugurated School Radio Workshop at Oxford Grammar School, Himayat nagar, Hyderabad. 

  • Yearlong activity - After workshop, School Radio clubs will independently develop radio programmes. Radio Club members can participate in School Radio programmes, all over the year by reciting poems, songs, narrating folk tales, stories, talks and debates. School Radio Club members facilitate and encourage other students to participate in the School Radio Club activities. 
  • Creativity - School Radio provides an opportunity for children and youth to showcase their awareness, skills, knowledge and creativity to the world. 
  • Team Building -   Students learn to work as a team in developing, learning, creating and sharing programmes. Through School Radio, students build their capacities in coordination and cooperation through successful broadcasting of the programmes. 

Rohit Memorial Trust

Rohit Memorial Trust, an NGO, partnered with School Radio to promote School Radio Clubs in Visakhapatnam.  
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Bharti Foundation

School Radio Clubs were initiated in Rajanna Sircilla District with the support of Bharti Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises.  More info

Global Aid

School Radio Workshop was conducted at the Hub Hostel, Gajapati Nagaram managed by Lions Trust, Annapoorna Foundation, USA and Global Aid. More info


Experiential Learning processes provide an ample scope for learning with joy. 
These activities build life skills and team work among participants.
Enhance Communication and public speaking skills
Become team player
Develop Team building, cooperation and coordination
Learn problem solving and find solutions
Increased opportunities for children and youth
Learn to express their views
Enriching Confidence & Self-Reliance
Develop Creativity & Resourcefulness
Identify Issues and Find Solutions at different levels
Become Independent Producers, Program Executives, Presenters
Radio Jackey, Content Developers and Audio Editors

School Radio in Residential Schools

Listen to the voices of young boys and girls from MJPAPBCWRS - Andhra Pradesh BC welfare schools.