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Stories by
Uday Palli, S.Likhitashri, S.Anushka, Nandini, Nyneisha Baratam, Joshitha Palli , B.Geethanjali, M. Vishnu Vikranth, Sai Ananya Boddu, Aditya. A, Abhiraj Baratam, Vedanth   

The one who shall not be named…!

It happened on the eve, when the whole country was celebrating its festival. A man with great power, Pride and arrogance tries to conquer the nation. Innocent blood on the floor. A whole crew of soldiers were murdered by the most wanted man in the history. People don’t dare to speak his name . The murder shook the nation, all celebrations came to an end the very moment, everything was silent, as if all the happiness faded.
He was all filled with darkness, anyone and anything which came in his way was destroyed. As they say powerful people come from powerful places, he came in search ofpower, the power which nobody has attained yet till now. He is mass murderer and filled with all kinds of evil plans.
Two incidents happened that day , the nation was destroyed and theone who shall not be named was born. According to the prophecy, the one who shall not be named, be destroyed by a man, born in the stark family. Having a practice in wizardry, the whole stark family was traced and brutally murdered. Except for one who survived, named Anthony stark.
In search of power, the one who shall not be named grew even much stronger, and named himself- thanatos, the God of death. Meanwhile Anthony stark started to learn in an orphanage. Not knowing is past, he always asked the father of orphanage about his parents. The father spoke nothing about his past. The boy had nightmares about his parents, but never knew whether it was true or just his imagination. Anthony stark became one of the brilliant students in the orphanage. And mastered all the skills in weapons and combat, and some wizardry.
Now it was the time, Anthony shall know his past and the prophecy. The father called him and started to go into that miserable past. But the prophecy, was a bit terrifying. It stated that “One shall not live, while the other survive, and the other shall be dead, completely destroyed”.
The father knew that Anthony is not yet ready, Thanatos has an army and Anthony, just him and his friends. Father said to Anthony that he has the love for his family, friends, everyone and there is nothing more powerful than love.
The time has come finally, Thanatos finally meets a worthy opponent. It’s time, the nature knew that war is about to begin. Even the nature gave a hand to Anthony. All living creatures of the deep were with him.
Anthony’s friends ready to sacrifice themselves for their mate.
And at last the war starts, and the history itself repeated. The sand soaked with blood, people dead, many structures destroyed. It seemed like the young stark is been destroyed, hopeless and all alone. The forces of Thanatos was to most extent destroyed, with only a few left, he had no fear of failure.
Then there came people from the nearby towns, all young men, kids, everyone. For the first time Thanatos felt like he is not going to win the battle.
The battle starts again, but this time, tables have turned, Thanatos's men dead, his authority gone forever, his treasury completely looted. At that moment he was destroyed. He was moved to the prison, with no medical assistance and no food and water, until he begged for death. And according to the prophecy, the boy killed him.
After 20 years, after the night of mass murder of the Stark’s, the sun was shining on the country once again.
As they say, part of the journey is the end. There was an end to the streak of the one who shall not be named. And the young man, crowned king of the country.
But nobody know what lies ahead, maybe another Thanatos is waiting for a chance.



I got up in middle of the night, I was sweating horribly. I realised that there was a power cut in our area. I looked out of the window, my neighbor and my best friend Matilda Joseph Robert was still awake, I could see light in her bedroom.
I looked at my wall clock it was an hour past midnight. I thought of going to her house and watch movie for some time. I locked my house and stepped onto the road.
It was pitch dark and could hear sounds of dogs howling nearby. I switched on my torch light and started going towards my neighbor’ house. Suddenly, I heard some heavy footsteps coming my way. My hands started shivering and I ran to the door and started ringing the doorbell continuously. But there was no answer. The footsteps were heard more nearer to me.
When I rang the bell for five more times, she then opened the door. I hurried inside and closed the door as soon as possible.
Seeing my condition my friend asked, “Are you ok? What happened to you? Why are you so scared?.” I asked, “What took you so long to open the door?” She said that she was wearing her head phones and was listening to music so she hadn’t heard the doorbell ringing. Then I narrated the whole incident that happened to me outside her house.
Then Matilda and I went to her bedroom to watch a sci-fiction film in her laptop. There was an alien in it seeing which both of us got scared. Suddenly, the bedroom door open ‘CRREEAAK….’
Our minds went blank, our skin turned pale. We did not see anyone near the door. Hairs were sticking out of our spines. Suddenly out of nowhere a thick smoke came and was taking in the form of a man. He wore a long coat, a hat, and had had a stick in his hand. His face had taken form.
He started to speak pointing towards me, “I have come here to take you to my world”. He had a very tough voice. I caught my friends hand tightly and replied, “No I am not coming anywhere. First tell me who you are, how did you come here and where are you going to take me?”.
He replied, “I am Judo, from Jalala planet. Our king and queen had a girl child. They named her Isabelle. After her first birthday, a witch had kidnapped the princess. The king ordered the troops to find and kill the witchand to find the princess. The witch had come to earth and had given the baby to an old couple who had no children, as she was about to die due to some illness. And that child is you”.
“Me...?” I replied. “Yes...” he continued, “we searched for you everywhere. But in vain. Fourteen years passed, once a good witch came to the palace and said that the lost princess was on earth. She had shown us your picture and came here to take you back.” Matilda said, “My friend is not going anywhere.”
Judo then waved his stick and everything went white. I felt dizzy and fell unconscious. When I opened my eyes I was on bed wearing a princess like dress with simple jewelry with tiara on head. The king and the queen were very happy to see me and they hugged me. I was happy but one thing kept poking me was my friend. On my fifteenth birthday they gave me an unusual surprise. My friend Matilda was in front of me. Suddenly everything went black.
When I opened my eyes I was on my bed and all that I had saw was a dream. It was my Fifteenth birthday indeed. When I went to school I had a great shock of my life. There was the new student and her name was Matilda too. She was exactly looking like the girl, whom I saw in my dream.
Was that all my imagination? Or was that just a coincidence?.........


Marinda was a little girl in her school. She obeyed whatever her teachers told.one day her class teacher told a value, we must always see calendar for dates and occasions because if we ask others for the date they might prank us and unknowingly we might have circumstances due to it. It may be the teacher, students or even principal.
The next day, the same class teacher told her that, as halloween was the next day they had to wear something scary. At home marinda was thinking what to wear and while eating she remembered what her sir told them to see calendar and not to trust anyone blindly . And when she checked the calendar it was actually god’s day and when she checked her diary in competitions section it was written that they had to wear and gods disguise . She understood that her sir was testing them.
The following day she disguised herself as a Goddess and went to school. At school she had lots of comments against her costume. When the winner was announced ,there was no 2nd and 3rd prize only 1st prize as there was only one who wore right costume . Sir wanted to check if students were really attentive and understood the moral he explained in class. That was the reason he told the students about the calendar previous day itself . From that day onwards every one including Marinda followed calender every day . And marinda had a say on her notice bored a “PRIZE OF MINE DEDICATED TO THE ONE WHO HELPED ME, “MY CALENDAR”…..and the prize was placed near it …..

A trip to Amazon
One fine spring morning, a group of six went to camp in the woods of Amazon. All belonging to the same field of expertise, wildlife survival and archaeology. Knowing the possible threats of the wild and the plausible relationship with the chances of staying alive. Going into the deep was exciting but fully terrifying. The sun was setting down and there were few climatic changes, a thunderstorm was on its way.
The six of them were actually on a research of the deepest mysteries, untold from centuries. They knew that there path was not easy. But they knew that the end result is worth it. It was dark and they had to stay somewhere safe from the wild creatures and the thunderstorm, they spent a few hours and built a small shelter with bamboo and the wet sand, they set up a camp fire to keep the bears away. They took turns and had a guard on the others, while the others were asleep.
The next day, they began to go deep into the Amazon, and they split themselves into two groups of three each and decided to meet at a point by evening. And as the time passed and they went deep they had new challenges to face. There were traps set up, wild creatures, and the climatic conditions to face.
It was almost dark and they decided to get back to the camp, and only four came back. The remaining two were missing. They couldn’t tryto, it was too dark and had no sign where to start from.They were left with no other alternative, than to let it go. Slowly the storm got intense and they lost hope in their research but had a strong feeling that they’ll be finding out. The next morning, they cleared the camp and moved on towards the deep.
They yelled their teammate's name. They found their teammate’s belongings lying on the ground, but no sign of their friends. They kept moving as planned and continued to search for their friends. At a distance, they found some smoke in the air and followed it.
“Alas, we found you”, screamed one of them.They found the others. And they also found the ancient cave they were looking for. They knew that there will be traps set up on their way in, and decided one of them to stay back, just in case of any emergency. So five of them moved into the cave.
First they had to climb up a rock, they started to climb but one of them fell off from a great height. Next, they had to go through poison darts. Next, through an old bridge, partially damaged.
At last only two make it to the destination. “ yes!, We made it, we are finally at the doors which have the darkest secrets for centuries”, they tried to open the doors but stopped as they were some inscriptions on the door in ancient Egypt. They knew that the place had a connection with Egypt.
They decoded the inscription, it stated the way to open the door was to give away a soul with the blood on the door. One of them accepted to make the sacrifice. The door opens, and all they found was a diamond worth more than the earnings of the United States of America.
Where six went in and only two return. They make a place in the history of America.

- Uday Palli 


Dear son,
I had received the letter saying you have changed your house from your uncle who lives there. I am not sad that you changed your house without informing me, but I sad that your uncle had to tell me instead of you. I hope you are not hiding anything from me and I insist you please treat me as your friend and not as a strict, serious father, like my father was. I am sending you an attachment. I hope you take and spread knowledge and wisdom to a good use.
(Let us see the story)
There was a queen honey bee and her hundred bees. It was as usual work for them to collect nectar and store it. But for few weeks their nectar production was very less. They worked day and night, but after one hour passed their nectar would become half they had bought. One they had caught the bee stealing their honey and keeping for him self. He was caught and prisoned for one year. One year passed and he was released and even allowed to work. But whenever the bees went out for nectar he was not allowed. After few days he went asked the honey bee queen. She replied that these things were matter of trust and they had lost trust upon him and trust ones lost can’t be gained again.
Moral of story is :> trust needs to be gained over years but it can be lost within few moments.


Our life is full for ups and downs like a roller coaster. Until and unless we struggle in life we cant reach our goals. Our life is just like a butterfly. In the initial stages of a butterfly it will be a caterpiller. Before going to hibernation stage it builds the strongest cocoon to its ability, so as to be safe during that period. When the right time arrives for it to come out, it will have to struggle by itself. It has to struggle to build its muscles strong to fly, then it come out to be a beautiful butterfly. An example that the nature also teaches us something is:
Long lone ago, there was a king named Chetan. He was very rude and selfish king. There was poverty all around in his kingdom. He never knew about this about because of his cruel and selfish ministers. The king used to roam his kingdom in his luxurious carriage dragged by seven beautiful horses and surrounded by horse men. So there was nothing to see outside, one day the king decided to go on hunting on his finest horse.
So the next day everything was arranged and the king was ready to go on his hunting. In the forest, the king was accompanied by six horsemen. All of them roamed around the forest for hours, but once the king spotted golden colored deer and he started riding his horse towards it. The deer ran so fast that after two minutes it went out of site, the king who was behind it also lost his way back to the kingdom. He also left his fellow horsemen behind. So, the king started roam in the forest all alone.
After sometime, he started to get hungry and soon the sky was becoming dark. He had to find his shelter for his night’s stay. Finally he came across a small hut. The king knocked on the door. An old lady opened the door. The old lady did not know he was a king. So, she thought he was her son and told him to sleep outside. The king caught very angry but couldn’t do anything so, he slept out.
The next morning the lady ordered the king to go to the forest cut and sell the wood in the market. He went very annoyed, he didn’t know how to cut wood but somehow he managed to do so. He sold wood in the market and bought back some money. He had been really tired after the day’s work. The woman made him a really delicious meal. He was very happy. Now slowly he changed his mind. After a few days the kings soldiers came searching for him. The king returned to his kingdom. Now he saw all the poverty, illness and death. He changed all the laws and removed all the cruel and selfish ministers. After a few months the kingdom became a beautiful palace had ever known.
The moral of the story is: the nature is the best teacher of life.

 -- S.Likhitashri

The Sisters’ Outing

Four sisters, from a place called Sirpur kagaznagar in Telangana,India did not meet each other for a very long time,they were missing the good time they had together before their marriage when they used to play all day long. They now live with their respective families in different cities.
One day, when they were discussing in their whatsapp group about the fun they all had together and how much they were missing it, just then, the eldest sister came up with an amazing idea! She thought of a trip at this place in Karnataka called Chikmaglur with their families. The other sisters agreed immediately as it was going to happen during summer vacation. The planning started, the sisters told their children about this trip and all of them were very happy because they got to meet their cousins after a long time! Then the uncles in the family agreed to this plan too as they could get a break from their work and spend good time with the family members. The eldest cousin who had already been to this place, decided to take full responsibility of the stay, transport etc.
The bookings and necessary arrangements were done! The sisters were also a little sad because their mother couldn’t join them due to old age but she asked them to enjoy and not worry about her. As every mother would, she asked them to update her with the trip and she also asked them to call her once they started. All the family members gathered for a small dinner party at the youngest sister’s place in Bangalore one day before the trip. They had lots of fun at the dinner party. They sang and danced and also played charades! On the next day, they left Bangalore at 4:30 am. On their way to Chikmaglur, some people slept while the others played atlas and anthakshari, they also halted enroute for some yummy and healthy breakfast as they wanted to travel light. They reached Chikmaglur at 12:30.
Now the actual fun begins!!! The entire family was very excited. They were a bit exhausted from all that travelling but the exhaustion went away as soon as they reached the resort. “What a beautiful place it is!”, everyone said. When they checked into their rooms, they were served with fresh cucumber juice. Everyone got instant energy after having it. They then had a delicious lunch. They decided to rest for some time and then decided to go for swimming. Just then, the resort’s manager told them about a pool full of mud, he also mentioned that the mud in the pool has some medicinal properties in it. He told us that we could play in that pool for a while and then go down to the waterfalls and play there too. Everyone was happy about this because they could get all dirty and no one was there to object it. They went to the pool and played there for about half an hour and then they went near the waterfalls and had fun too.
After this, they took a bath and then met outside and played cricket for a while. They played cricket till 7PM and then, they all had a bonfire night where everyone sang, danced, played and had lots of fun. They had their dinner and then went to bed as they had to get up early the next day as they were going on a trek! The next morning, they all reached the trekking point at 6:30 on an open jeep. They were very energetic as the cool breeze had drained all their tiredness. They trekked for about an hour and went back to the resort. They took a bath and had their breakfast. Now came the most sad part of the trip, it was getting over. They however spent some time together on their way back home by playing housie and atlas. They has their dinner on the way back home. They reached Bangalore at 11:30pm. They decided to stay back at the youngest sister’s place and leave on the next day. They were all really tired and went to bed immediately. The next morning, they all decided to go back home and get back to routine. They decided to leave with smile and promised that they would meet more often now.
Thus the four sisters’ long felt dream was fulfilled thanks to their effective planning ably supported by the younger folk.

- Nandini 


1.Ravi -Ravi is afraid of anything related to ghosts.He is scared of darkness.
2.Ravi’s parents i.e, mom and dad - both are working parents.
3.Ravi’s grandmother:-..........well all grandma’s are sweet and caring.

One fine evening Ravi’s dad dropped him at his tuition, reminding him that he won’t be home till 10:00 pm and neither his mother nor his father could pick him up from tuition.His dad told him to be safe and said bye to his son.So,that meant that Ravi had to walk himself home.The thought of walking alone in the street in the night had had him terrified.After he was done with his tuition,he came out onto the streets,clenching the straps of his bag tightly.He slowly began to walk,his face was dripping with sweat.As he came closer to his home.He noticed something.Something which had an human(ly)/ghosty appearance.

As he walked closer to this odd looking creature. He heard his name being called out like Ravi! Ravi! Ravi? Listening to this he felt his heart skipped a beat. Now, he could see this creature more clearly this creature was wearing a white sari. On seeing this Ravi was sure that this was a ghost. Without a second thought, he began running as fast as his legs could take him. He only stopped once to check whether The ghost was following him or not. When he reached home he immediately opened the door and locked himself inside. About 30 minutes later he heard a knock at his door. He didn’t open it.

After his grandmother has called his name out, he had opened the door. His grandmother was asking why he had ran away from her. Ravi was perplexed. Then his grandmother told him that since he was afraid of dark, she decided to come and pick him up. Ravi realised that the creature who he thought as ghost was his granny. He explained everything to her and she began laughing heartily.

When their parents arrived they were filled with the information they had missed. His father couldn’t stop laughing either. His mother too. Ravi was very embarrassed.

 Nyneisha Baratam  

One day, two friends Tom and Henry, went hiking in the mountains. As the sun began to set, they realized that they were lost. They were walking for hours, but still didn’t find a way out. It became too dark and the two friends tensed now. They didn’t have a map or a compass with them. It all became so intensifying and creepy. Both the young men were scared and had no idea where they were going.
Just when they were about to give up hope, they came across am old deserted house. The doors and windows were fully damaged and the flooring was completely destroyed. Left with no other way, they decided to stay there for the night, and take turns and have a guard. They tried to set up a campfire but even failed to do so.
The temperature fell all of a sudden, strange sounds were coming from the woods. Henry, who was on guard peeked out of the window but saw nothing, it was all covered with fog. Henry woke up Tom, both in a panic situation opened the doors and found that the sounds were that of a thunderstorm. Knowing that the house is wreck, they picked up whatever they could and ran towards a cave.
They waited till the storm abated, and decided to explore the cave meanwhile. They went into the cave and found some strange things happening, like the lanthers turn on automatically, some beautiful sweet smell. Going no they found some leftovers of some human body. They saw two eyes grazing at them in a terrifying way, they started to run intothe cave. And all of a sudden they fell into a river, when they looked back at the cave, they found something more interesting, something weirder, “It’s a ware wolf”, said Tom.
They were into some different world, animals talking, people flying and many more. It was bright and sunny, with some magical essence in it. People there thought that they were both the chosen ones. And taught them all the tricks they could do, gave them another life to enjoy.
Like they say, “Every coin has two sides”, the evil over there started to show up. The place was doomed with darkness. Out of all only one survived, Tom.
He found a way back home all alone, started a new way of living.
-Joshitha Palli  

Oh God! 

The story is set in a construction site. The manager and the worker play the lead role in the story. The manager of the construction site was inspecting the 6th floor of the building. The worker was busy with his work on the ground floor. While inspecting the work, the manager asks his colleagues for the blueprint of the building. Then he comes to know that the blueprint is on the ground floor of the building. The manager comes to the edge of the building and the worker below. He calls out for the worker so that he could ask him to send up the blueprints to him. He shouts out loudly, tries to gain the attention of the by all possible means, but fails to do so, because of the heavy engineering noises around.
Suddenly, an idea strikes him. He takes out a 10-rupee note from his shirt pocket and throws it at the worker. The note drops beside the worker, who picks it up and puts it in his pocket. Then the manager drops out a 100-rupee note. The worker again picks it up and keeps it his pocket. He doesn’t look up to see from where the money had come. Finally the manager realizes. He picks up a stone lying below, points it towards the speaker and throws it at him. The stone flings and hits the worker on his head. He turns behind and looks up to see the manager. He then understands that the manager is asking for the blueprint and the story continues...............
Through this act the manager realizes that people don’t remember God when they blessed with the best, but always depend on God when something worse happens to them.



In a village there lived a boy named Vijay. His mother name was Shanti and his father name was Ramesh and he has a younger sister too. His father went to tour to Hyderabad on the purpose of office work. He had a lovely grandmother she would always teach him good moral values and Vijay love her grandmother more than all his family members. He used to think always that his parents always care of his sister then him. One day shanthi went to bazaar and obviously son went to college as usual on time. After sometime Shanti came to house and she was tensed because it's 7 o'clock still his son not arrived the house. Its’ 9 o'clock. 10 and about 11 but there is no appearance of his son. The grandmother came to Shanti and told "don't be tensed maybe he was struck anywhere due to do this heavy rainfall".Shanti didn't ate anything and her mother was forcing to eat something but Shanti rejected. It was about to12 the rain has stopped; shanti was standing at the entrance door and waiting for his son to come. Suddenly the TV was on by the grandma and it was a news channel. A terrible news that the look from out turn to the TV by santhi that a white T-shirt boy while passing by the road he met with an accident, the next news was the boys of some college were murdered by thieves. The thieves went by snatching the gold from the boys. etc., Are the news in TV. Shanti was tensed may be his son was caught in this. Suddenly the TV was off by the grandma she told to Shanti that "why are you thinking in a wrong way and thinking of bad thoughts , think of good thoughts and in a right way. "But still Shanti was tensed and about to cry. It was 1'oclock still there is no matter found about his son. Grandma told to call Ramesh and tell the whole story about the son's missing. It was 99th call from grandma to Vijay. But the phone of Vijay was switched off. It was 2 o’clock, 3 and morning 4.suddenly the bell rang the grandma who was sitting in the sofa got up and went to the door and opened the door with tensed feeling when the door was opened it was..........


The Mysterious Box 
One fine Sunday, when I was in my couch, sipping hot coffee and watching a football game on TV. I heard a knock at the door, when I open the door, I saw no one there but there was a giant box with my name on it. I was perplexed because I haven’t ordered anything. Without a second thought I carried the box into my house. Wondering what it was, I decided to open it, but I paused because who knows what is there in the box, could it be a bomb? (Or) May be .............. I don’t know what to do.
Finally, I decided to open this giant box. In the giant box it contained another box .When I opened the box, I found a medium sized letter. I opened the letter. The letter was headed with the words stating “I am watching you”. This creeped me out a lot. Without knowing what to do, I decided to phone my friend who indeed was a police officer. When I was walking towards the phone, it began ringing.
I lifted the receiver; I heard a very unfamiliar and rough male voice. The guy who was speaking was threatening me to not call anybody and come straight to a restaurant called ‘orchids’. He cautioned me that, if I tried to phone anyone, I would be in utter danger. I immediately grabbed my car keys and rushed to the restaurant. I found no sign of life there. I walked into a dimly lighted room and suddenly I heard everyone screaming “surprise”!!!. I was still in a dilemma of what had happened. I read all the banners, which were stating the same message “You are promoted, as the CEO of the company “.I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was so happy. Everyone congratulated me. I asked everyone that the idea of bringing me to the restaurant by sending and box was good.
Everyone was surprised; they said they did not know anything about the box. So, that means ................I’m still in danger?!!!!!!!

-- Nyneisha Baratam 

The Halloween Hunt
There was a group of six friends namely Wand, Kate, Megan, Chris, Ben and Sam. All were studying 8th standard in “Heights Elementary School”. They lived in the same colony and in few blocks away from each other. They all were very excited as 31st October is fast approaching and that is the day of “Halloween” on which day they planned for a big enjoyment. They all were thinking of their costumes and wanted to do a group costume of DC characters. Each one of them have decided their choice of DC character. Wand wanted to be “Wonder Woman”. Kate wishes to cast as “Cat Woman”. Megan made her decision to be a“Bat Girl”. Chris was very clear on his decision to be “Flash”. Ben bent upon to be “Aqua Man”. Sam said he would be “Super Man”.
Everyone was very excited and started preparing their costumes and buying candy and spooky Halloween decorations etc. Three days before Halloween, the teachers have given big assignmentsto be completed by each student on various silly topics like “Dog is thinking” “which came first chicken or egg” “Don’t eat when you are hungry”etc.All students were asked to prepare their assessment with a minimum of 25 pages on each topic with illustrations, drawings, and with many more points. In addition, Maths teacher has asked the students to complete all sums in 4 chapters. They were askedto submit the assignments on 2nd Nov i.e, next day of Halloween. All students requested the teachers to give more time to complete the assignments as the time given is very short for such topics with big assignments. Neither Maths, Social, English nor Science teacher agreed to give more time.
Now they had to cancel all Halloween plans for completing their homework. Though all friends of this six group have started on their assignments, it was not getting completed. Among all, Chris was most excited for Halloween and he somehow convinced his friends that they needed a break between their huge homework and that break would be going for trick or treating. Though his friends were not convinced with Chris’s idea as they are afraid of teachers but they didn’t want him to be upset so they agreed to his idea as they also wanted some relief.
Next day in the school, their Principal announced that whoever gives up their “trick or treat” and attend the classes to celebrate Halloween Night at school would get a special surprise. Everybody thought that nobody would be sadder than Chris.Buthe was the happiest among them. It was his “dream comes true” to celebrate the Halloween night at school. No student in the school was able to continue his/her homework as everyone started preparing for Halloween Night.
It was Halloween night and Chris was already ready by noon itself. As soon as the clock struck 7.00 pm, Crhis as Flash ran to everyone’s house and knocked the doors and reached the school. After a few minutes, all others reached the school after him and Chris shouted at them saying that I am Flash and I atleast knocked 100 times. They met their teacher. Teachers said to students that a big “Treasure Hunt” for the students with a big surprise for that group. Saying this she read out the first clue.

1) Clue I:
I am “filled with knowledge” and I am the “quietest place in school”. They all ran to the Library and searched whole room but couldn’t find next clue. When Chris walked out of the library sadly closing the door. He found the clue was pasted on the library door. They found it and before they could read next clue, there was a note attached to it saying that the next thee clues are hidden in books and the clue is about the book and read out the clue.

2) Clue II:
I am a shape if you enter into me, you will die. Megan was not at all interested. Her mind was all about being a vampire and she started singing the theme song of hotel Transylvania. Something popped into Sam’s mind. He asked everyone that where did the Monsters go for their vacation in Hotel Transylvania3. Everybody shouted “Bermuda Triangle”. They found Christopher’s Columbus “Bermuda Triangle Book” and found the third clue in it.

3) Clue III:
Julian, Dick, Anne, Gerogina and Timmy are always on an adventure. Where did they first appear. Kate doesn’t read novels and she said I have no idea. Then comes forward Sam and said he read the book and it is “Five on a Treasure Island by author Enid Blyton and they found the fourth clue in this book.

4) Clue IV:
I am the most famous series in the world and I all about magic but can you guess which book am I. Out of the 9 series, I am the book with tournament. Everybody shouts its “Harry Potter”. But which one asks Ben. Every says Oh Ben…. Didn’t you see or read the “Harry Potter” series. Megan says … come on… it’s the Philosopher’s Stone. The Harry Potter’s fan Sam said no body is a true fan. It’s the “Goblet of Fire”. Kate found the book and opened it. Then he couldn’t trust his eyes. There was long note inside it. It says..… “Children you don’t have to do you “Assignment”.
Everybody jumped with joy and the joy has gone to the sky heights. They all went to the Teachers and Principle and thanked for such a wonderful surprise gift.

Sai Ananya Boddu 

Dog’s faithfulness

There was a faithful dog named leo who lived in a rich person’s house. The dog was provided with the best food, even a royal bed to sleep. Still the dog was very unhappy because his master was always not available in the home. There were many servants to take care of him but always he was not responding and many times refused to eat. So the servants asked the master to give him to a pet shop where they can demand lakhs of rupees for this dog. The master agreed as he was not having that much affection with the dog. So the dog was given to the pet shop. But there he totally refused to eat the food, not because he was not given best food, he was so sad because he was divided from his master as he loved him the most. One day he was removed from the cage and was given to Ravi who is a middle class person. He and his family lead their life in a simple way. It took many days for leo to cope up with them. But the dog was very happy there because everyone has love and affection on each other and they had time to spend themselves with the dog. They visited many parks and enjoyed very much there. Many days passed. One moonless night, the thief named Raju was wandering on the streets. Through the window of a house he saw a jewellery box which was kept on the centre table. It was Ravi’s house!!!! There was no one in the house except leo who was sleeping. The thief did not notice the dog. So he snoped inside the house. Leo heard a slow thud on the ground. He understood that someone was there in the house. He smartly hid himself back of the door and was watching his steps carefully. When he was about to keep the jewellery in the bag, leo barked very loudly. This scared the thief and threw the jewellery on the ground. When he started running, the dog bit his left shoe. He removed the shoe hesitantly and jumped out of the window. When Ravi and his family returned, they were shocked to see the jewellery on the ground which they forgot to keep in the locker. There was also an unknown shoe. They guessed that their house missed the robbery. But the dog stopped him. The dog was praised highly and was also given the best food that night.

Aditya. A 



I was sitting in my room playing a video game. I had been sitting there for over four hours now. I need to take a break, but I can't stop myself. I'm addicted to it. I hear a 'thud' and and a rising commotion as the electricity stops. I snap out of the game. Realising there has been a power cut, I reach for my phone, switch on the flashlight and go to find my mother in the hall. As I go to her, she turns around suddenly with a worried face. Something was wrong. I could tell. She said that there was an announcement by the government on the news. Due to some reason, they've declared that there shall be no power supply to the public. Of course it had widespread implications but most importantly it was going to change my life.

A New Life

I wake up in the morning, very early as I need to make use of daylight. All the major work needs to be done in the morning. I go out, fill water into buckets and bring it back home. My siblings help me with it. I brush my teeth and take a bath. Mother makes breakfast. Now I have all the time in the world. It used be boring in the initial few days of the 'Depression' (as they called it), but now I have come up with a routine for myself. I read a novel for an hour. Then I study for two hours (at a tuition nearby ; schools don't function anymore due to socioeconomic reasons). I do art & craft for an hour. I solve puzzles for half-an-hour. I have lunch at noon. After lunch, I help my mother with the cleaning. I take a nap for two hours. After I wake up, I read for another two hours. Then comes the best part: play time with friends. I go out to the park, play football, cricket and what not. Then I roam around with my friends till dusk. I come back home right around the time my father comes back from work. I help him relax after the tiresome work of the day. Then I go to the terrace and sit their for a while, let out the stress and ponder deeply. The whole family has dinner then, together, filled with laughter and we also discuss how our day has been. Then I help Mother with the final chores of the day. I read a story to my younger siblings, put them to bed. I sleep early so that I could wake up early the next day. I hope to have a nice dream, maybe dream of a world with endless electricity and people who use it wisely.

-- Abhiraj Baratam 

An Unexpected Visit to Mars

Rohan, a young boy went on a school trip to a hill top. They had gone for a camp. On the third day of his trip, he got up early. So he decided to go for a walk. While he was leaving, his friend, Bhola got up too. They both decided to go together.
On their way, they saw different types of flowers and insects. On their way back to the campsite, they saw something moving in the bushes. They decided to see what it was. By the time they went there, the "thing" behind the bushes disappeared. As they kept walking further, they saw something else "What is that thing?" asked Bhola
"It looks like a strange vehicle to me." said Rohan. The two of them decided to see what it was. As they were getting closer, they realised that it was a UFO! The UFO was surrounded by "strange people". The boys realized that the strange people were actually aliens! The boys were now scared. Just then, one of the aliens came closer to them and started speaking in English! They asked Rohan and Bhola if they would like to join them to see their home. The boys got even more scared. The aliens asked them not to worry and they were really kind to them. Rohan and Bhola were calm now. They decided to accompany them to see their home. They agreed only if the aliens agreed to drop them back.
They went to Mars! All the other aliens were very happy to see people from a different planet. The boys realized that everyone in Mars lived in peace and harmony and respected everybody. They also kept their planet clean. The aliens gave them a superpower. They could now fly! Then it was time for them to leave.
Just then, Rohan heard something, "Wake up Rohan. You'll be late for school then." Rohan realized that this was a dream! He wished that this was a true story. At school when he met Bhola, he told him about his dream. They both started laughing! Even Bhola wished that this dream could've been true!

- Nandini 

The Test

Once there lived a King. He was founding for a minister all over from his kingdom. The king conducted test for people. He gave a question, why some people do not show interest and attention while talking with some one? Why they do not concentrate? Anyone did not give the answer. Then one person came, his name was Ramakrishna he brought three dolls and three pencils. Then he started to explain the answer. He put one pencil in one doll’s ear. He told “Dear King, some are like this, They can listen but cannot talk because they will be in a feeling that they will fail , I will not do this. They feel if I do a mistake, they will scold or they will reject me. Now, he took second doll and he put the pencil in the Doll’s mouth. He told “Dear King, some are like this. They will not listen properly and they will tell another thing that they do not concentrate what someone is telling. The last doll was there. He put the pencil in the dolls ear as well as the mouth. Dear King, some are like this. They talk what they listen and very good at others. The king was very happy towards Ramakrishna and made him as his minister. The moral of the story is when opportunity comes, you must utilize it.

- Vedanth. B