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School Radio, an initiative of Digital School- is an online radio for schools, colleges and universities; that works as a platform for the students' voice. School Radio gives voice to the voiceless and focuses on active participation than passive listening.  
It was initiated to provide a space for students to express themselves, as the opportunities for them to voice out their opinions are meager. School Radio believes that, it is necessary for children to voice, express and collectively find solutions to their problems.

Objective of School Radio:
⦁ To build confidence among children, youth and communities to express themselves
⦁ To create a platform for children, youth and communities to voice their views, ideas and knowledge to the world
The profound purpose of School Radio is to encourage children and youth to create, enhance, and share their ideas and ideals with the world. We facilitate our workshop in a way that it allows students to explore their hidden inherent talents. School Radio inculcates communication, public speaking skills, and team building among them. Apart from academic skills, the children/students of this time need to be equipped with soft skills for further growth in life. Social emotional skills, critical thinking skills, and skills that facilitate positive interactions with others and the ability to overcome challenges are some of the soft skills expected from the future generations. Fostering problem-solving skills, teamwork and critical thinking skills also provide an opportunity for students/children to prosper in different fields of their interest, therefore boosting their confidence and ability to connect with, and lead teams of peers in activities. School Radio focuses on enhancing these qualities in student/children through its activity based and hands on learning workshops and activities in various schools and colleges.

Benefits for students:
1. Experiential Learning processes provide an ample scope for learning with joy
2. Team work develop Team building among participants and they become team player
3. Enhance Communication and public speaking skills
4. Cooperation and coordination
5. Learn problem solving and find solutions
6. Develop Creativity & Resourcefulness and increased opportunities for children and youth in creating content
7. At different levels, they identify issues which impact their life and find solutions to overcome
8. Enriching Confidence & Self-Reliance
9. Become Independent Producers, Program Executives, Presenters
10. Radio Jackey, Content Developers and Audio Editors
All these activities build life skills and soft skills of children, youth and communities. They shed fear and build their confidence to speak in teams and public.

School Radio at Laurel High Global School

First Round:
A three day workshop was conducted to students of 4 and 5 standards, at Laurel High Global School in Rajahmundry in the month of November 25-27,2019. During the workshop, students were introduced to various aspects of communication, public speaking, team building, negotiation skills, research and story writing and writing script for the radio. They were made to understand that communication plays a key role in understanding, and as well as creating the world around us. During the three days workshop, School Radio team made the students to believe that their voice matter and they were asked to express themselves to the world without any inhibitions and fear.
Day 1
The workshop began with the founder of School Radio briefing the students about the purpose and origin of School Radio. Later, they were introduced to different roles, and career prospects in the world of radio. School Radio team screened a video, ‘Why School Radio?’ for the benefit of students to understand the School Radio concept in a better way. The students were further made to participate in 'Just a minute', thereby creating a window for them to discover their abilities of public speaking. Later, they were divided into five groups and were asked to name their teams and think of a theme to make a radio show.
Day 2
On the second day of the workshop, the students worked on developing their scripts and voice modulation. The students then started rehearsing with their prepared scripts with voice modulation. Later, some of the teams proceeded to record their programmes after learning about process of recording with a little help from School Radio.
Day 3
The last day of the workshop was the busiest with students recording and editing their programmes. Priority was given for students to learn from their mistakes during the recording of their programmes. While a team is recording, the rest of the students participated in story writing activity. The students were given picture cards and were asked to create a story around the cards they had chosen. After the story telling activity, they were made to listen to their recordings and asked to notice if there are any mistakes made towards following the Standard Operating Procedure of Radio Production and collectively find solutions to them.
Later, School Radio team held a question and answer session with the students to clear their doubts about School Radio and the workshop. The workshop concluded with collecting feedback from students and teachers regarding the training module, and adequacy of the workshop and the idea of School Radio. The students developed two radio programmes.  

Second Round:
Second round of Radio Production workshop was held for 30 students at Laurel High Global School, Rajahmundry for two days during 10-11 February,2020 as a follow-up. They have created three programmes for the month of March,2020.
Students without any instructions by the mentors formed as teams and sat in their respective teams. Fourth standard children formed into two teams of 10 members each, and fifth standard students formed into one single team. Three teams had created their scripts for Radio Production. They sat in their teams to identify, discuss, collect information, and do research on their selected theme by visiting library and internet with the support of their teacher- to develop and create the content for radio script as a play, skit, song and talk-show. In the process of Radio Production, students on their own identified different topics for the month of March-2020, like Consumer Rights Day, World Water Day, Swachh Bharat, Family, Technology and Women’s Day. After negotiations and consultations, all the three teams finally decided to create scripts for the radio programmes of their choice for the month of March 2020.
The identified topics were given below:
1. Swachh Bharat- 5 Standard
2. Women’s Day- 4 Standard
3. Technology and Family-4 Standard (in this team, members differed about the finalization of their topic, few of them wanted to do a programme on Family, few of them chose to work around technology. Later, two to three children took the initiative to lead negotiation and convinced other team members to merge the topic into one and wanted to work on Technology and family)
Students decided to gather the relevant facts, figures and information from the internet with the support of their teacher, Sowmikha. Other teams too borrowed books from the School library to identify and collect relevant information for their chosen topics. They have had created songs, skits, talks, plays and facts and figures and snippets along with creating their own sounds as and when script demanded.  

Children are now comfortably attained the below mentioned skills as the outcomes of the School Radio Workshop.
⦁ Content Development
⦁ Programme Coordination
⦁ Programmes Execution
⦁ Radio Programme Anchoring
⦁ Radio Production
⦁ Enthusiasm and motivation
⦁ Team Building and also know about audio editing  

So far, Laurel High Global School, Rajahmundry students created five radio programmes on different chosen topics on their own, and School Radio platform has webcasted all five programmes.

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