Rohit Memorial Trust

Rohit Memorial Trust  partnered with School Radio ! Rohit Memorial Trust, a prominent NGO in Visakhapatnam partnered with School Radio. Rohit Memorial Trust was established to keep alive the memory of a strapping young lad, of Rohit Anant Ganapati, who succumbed to cancer in the prime of his youth in March 2007. The trust’s main aim is to reach out to help children of the world to get better lives…better education….and better health. Rohit strongly believed in the freedom of the human spirit and protected free enterprise in the youth around him. The mission of the trust is EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN AND ENERGISE, their target group consist of children and youth, cancer afflicted persons and terminally ill patients. One of the major projects is Gyan Lakshmi project which aims at educating and empowering the girl child.

School Radio Clubs in Oxford School

School Radio Clubs in Oxford School, Seetammadhara, Visakhapatnam
Usha kiranalu School Radio Club
Lalitha Sahasra, V.Suresh, Nava Deepika, Shashank, Shirisha, Nikitha, Shyamala, Poojitha, Suma Latha, Girija, Maheswari
Flowering Buds School Radio Club
K. Akshaya, Tulasi, Maha Lakshmi, Sandhya, Lizey, Chinni, Anu Radha, Kushmitha, Supreeth, Hasini, Venkatesh
Sparkling Stars School Radio Club
N.Navya, B.Sri Ram, L.Dharmendra, K.Chandu Sri, F.Luzi, M.Bhavani, P.Niharika, V.Ajay, U.Yashwanth

Teachers: Ms.Soundarya and Ms.Sowdha

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