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SCHOOL RADIO :: Online Radio for children and youth

SMS Sanskrit High School

A three day School Radio workshop was held at SMS Sanskrit High School, Kovvuru, West Godavari District, from 12 to 14 August 2019. 45 students and two teachers have participated in the workshop. The participants have learnt the basics of Radio Production. They learnt script writing, editing and recording.
The programme was supported by Ms.Madhavi Medi.

First ever Sanskrit programme on School Radio!

Just Listen ...


Participatory Methods were used in the workshop. Games, audio visuals, activities, team building exercises and Small Group Discussions were used. School Radio workshop focused on hands on learning processes. In School Radio workshop, students and teachers have learnt together. Students took the initiative to select the topic out of the themes identified by School Radio under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Teachers’ role was minimal in identification and selection of content, and in writing scripts. After writing the script by students, on their request, teachers took part in supporting the students if there was any requirement of correction to the scripts they had created. Introduction to story arch, how to write a story, audio recording and editing were taught. Students formed into four teams. Two groups developed script on Waste Management, and other two groups developed scripts about their school, and about their home town. Later, on third day, stories in Telugu were developed using story cards by students of sixth to tenth standard. Two of the teachers took the responsibility to anchor the programme.  

Children worked on story cards and had created beautiful stories and there was no limit to their imagination and they weaved beautiful stories by participating first time in creating stories. They were given one hour time to complete their own story. Stories were displayed on the screen, and students made to listen to their recorded voice. 

story writing
How to write news?

School Radio team introduced Modulation to students, and made them practice their script with modulation by shedding their fear and shyness, and encouraged children to enact for Radio. Rameshbabu Gubbla, the Chief Sub Editor of Sakshi, a leading Telugu daily newspaper, gave inputs on writing for media and especially to print media. He explained the importance of learning language and his experience with children. 


Time Slot: Webcasting 30 minute episodes through School Radio. Episodes 12/year (or 6 Hours), web casted through School Radio.

Print book (up to 96 pages, 1/8 demmy size) will be brought out with the creative writings of the participating students.

 Multimedia Digital Book (up to 96 pages) will be brought out with the creative writings and eBook will be uploaded on  

‘ I learnt a lot in these three days. School Radio team made children to participate and learn within three days of time. They made our children able to write their own stories, able to translate and participate with confidence. The credit goes to School Radio team for making children confident and made them learn by participating in group work, games and fun activities with hands on learning. This is amazing’.

BV Subrahmanyam Gorugantu

Retd.Head Master, SMS Sanskrit High School